Dr. Kazuo Inamori was born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1932.

He graduated from Kagoshima University in 1955 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree and soon joined Shofu Industries, an insulator manufacturing company in Kyoto. In April 1959, he established Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. (now Kyocera Corporation) with a 3-million yen investment received from acquaintances. He served as president and chairman of the company until 1997, when he assumed the title of founder and chairman emeritus.

When Japan's telecommunications industry was deregulated in 1984, Dr.Inamori quickly took the initiative to establish DDI Corporation and became its chairman. In October 2000, DDI merged with KDD and IDO to create KDDI Corporation. Dr.Inamori served as KDDI's chairman emeritus and was named honorary adviser in June 2001.

Inamori became chairman of Japan Airlines (JAL, now Japan Airlines Co., Ltd) in February 2010 in order to rebuild the company’s operations following bankruptcy. After serving as representative director and chairman of the company, he became chairman emeritus in April 2013 and was appointed an honorary adviser in April 2015.

Kazuo Inamori


In 1984, Dr.Inamori made a personal endowment to establish the non-profit Inamori Foundation and became its president. At the same time, he created the Kyoto Prize, an international award presented by the Inamori Foundation each November to recognize individuals and groups worldwide who have made outstanding contributions to the betterment of the global community and humankind.

His volunteer service includes leading Seiwajyuku, a private management school operating in 90 locations, 34 of which are outside Japan. As president of Seiwajyuku, Dr.Inamori teaches his management philosophy to more than 10,500 business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide (as of October 2016).

He also holds several positions and membership with various non-profit organizations, including honorary chairman of the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry; foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences; trustee emeritus of the Carnegie Institution of Washington D.C.; and foreign associate of the National Academy of Engineering in the United States.


Seiwajyuku has been aptly described as a “dojo (training hall) of life” for business managers who wish to actively examine and develop their philosophies on business management and on life in general with Dr. Kazuo Inamori, Founder of Kyocera Corporation. Dr. Inamori serves voluntarily as Jyukucho (Seiwajyuku Principal) of a global network of Seiwajyuku schools, responding to members’ questions, engaging them in spirited debate, and encouraging them to learn from each other. Jyukucho Inamori truly believes that developing business managers with Kokoro (heart, mind and spirit) will help to make Japan - and the world - a better place.

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Foundational Topics presented by INAMORI

English Materials


  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 16

    Price: $4.82

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • How Leaders Achieve Their Goals
    Practice Series
    • Work Toward Managing Schools with Altruistic Mind: Satoshi Daishojiya (Seiwajyuku Ishikawa)
    • My Life and Management Based on the Philosophy: Hiroshi Iwanaga (Seiwajyuku Osaka)
    • Jyukucho's Words That I Practice Today in My Company: Yoshiyuki Tamura (Seiwajyuku Yamaguchi)
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 15

    Price: $4.98

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • Raising People Up
    Practice Series
    • The Philosophy That Gave Me Courage: Hiroyuki Oku(Seiwajyuku Tokyo)
    • Learning the Inamori Philosophy and My Management Experience in the U.S.: Koh Fujimoto(Chicago)
    • My Happiness,in Pursuit of Both Material and Spiritual Happiness of All Employees: Yousuke Ishii(Seiwajyuku Fukuoka)
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 14

    Price: $5.21

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • On the Purpose and Meaning of Our Lives
    Practice Series
    • We Can Overcome Trials If We Believe in Unlimited Possibilities: Taro Kodama(Hawaii)
    • Lessons,Practices and Challenges in Multinational Circumstances: Katsuhiko Kawasaki(New York)
    • Q & A with Kazuo Inamori
      How can I align the vector with employees and with my wife in a multinational family business?: Paul H.Uehara(Hawaii)
    • Q & A with Kazuo Inamori
      How should I manage to develop the outsoucing services by technical experts group?: Makoto Hokazono(Slicon Valley)
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 13

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • How to Learn at Seiwajyuku: Incorporating the Philosophy into Your Very Being
    Practice Series
    • Communicating Love: Richard Yen(Seiwajyuku Taiwan)
    • Determination and the Philosophy Change Management: Masaki Inoue(Seiwajyuku Shiga)
    • Q & A with Kazuo Inamori:Case #5 Love People Human Resource Development
      Q: How should I select and train No.2 of my company?
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 12

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • On Piloting Your Business
    Practice Series
    • My 20 Years as the Second-Generation Manager of a Small, Rural Business: Satoshi Miyata(Seiwajyuku Akita)
    • Q & A with Kazuo Inamori:Case #4 Improve Profitability ~ Strengthen Your Company
      Q1: How should store development be managed?
      Q2: How can I cultivate employees who take responsibility for business performance and make proactive efforts in new business?
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 11

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • Why Do Businesses Need High Profits?
    Practice Series
    • How I applied the Inamori Philosophy to go through my challenges: Shigenori Yoshida(Seiwajyuku Osaka)
    Focus Series
    • REGENERATION OF JAL - PART 5 - What good thoughts and appreciative minds can create; Circulating good thoughts -
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 10

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • What We Think Becomes Reality
    Practice Series
    • My Learning and Practices at Seiwajyuku: Atsushi Kawata(Seiwajyuku Tokyo)
    • Keeping a Passionate Desire in My Heart: Takehisa Nagatani(Seiwajyuku Shiga)
    • Supportive Sempai Jyukusei (Senior Members) at Seiwajyuku Helped Me Awake and Contemplate to Overcome a Crisis!: Kazuhiro Fujimoto(Seiwajyuku Kumamoto)
    • Learning and Practices from Seiwajyuku: Takumi Okuda(Seiwajyuku Kagawa)
    • Striving Harder than Anyone Else: Shigeyuki Sugiyama(Seiwajyuku Shizuoka)
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 09

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • Why and How Should We Learn at Seiwajyuku?
    Practice Series
    • The Philosophy Applied to Producing Vegetables in Brazil: Marcio Masatoshi Hasegawa(Seiwajyuku Brazil)
    • Q & A with Kazuo Inamori: Case #3 - Pros and Cons, and Advice Sought, on Six Plans to Strengthen a Printing Company -
    Focus Series
    • REGENERATION OF JAL - PART 4 - Amoeba Management Transformed Japan Airlines (2) -
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 08

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • Practice the Six Endeavors(Six Shojin)
    Practice Series
    • Whom You Meet Determines Your Life / A dropout becomes a business leader inspired by the Inamori Philosophy: Akio Honda(Seiwajyuku Tokyo)
    Focus Series
    • REGENERATION OF JAL - PART 3 - Amoeba Management Transformed Japan Airlines (1) -
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 07

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • Earning Respect and Sympathy from Your Employees
    Practice Series
    • Combining Individual Powers and Doing Good for Others: Tomohiro Inoue(Seiwajyuku Kagawa)
    • From “Q & A with Kazuo Inamori”: Case #2 - Is my long-range planning appropriate? How should I choose and educate a new director of the board? -
    Focus Series
    • REGENERATION OF JAL - PART 2 - How a Change in Consciousness Was Brought About in JAL(2)-
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 06

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • Philosophy is the Source of Management
    Practice Series
    • Building an Ideal Organization to Send Messages to the World: Hayato Nishisaka(Seiwajyuku Tokyo)
    • Management Reports by Members of Seiwajyuku Los Angeles: (1) Sachiko Nakamura, (2) Yukari Aoi
    • From “Q & A with Kazuo Inamori” Case #1
    Focus Series
    • REGENERATION OF JAL - PART 1 - How a Change in Consciousness Turned JAL Around(1)-
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 05

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • The Essence of Business Management -Motivate Employees -
    Practice Series
    • The Extended Family Principle for Management - Considering Employees: Keinosuke Otsuka(Los Angeles)
    • I Came to Know I Had Enough and Changed My Life: Hidehito Uki(Hawaii)
    • The Grand Meeting in LA Special Extra: Q & A with Jyukucho Inamori
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 04

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • Leading Growth in People and Business - On the True Factors of JAL’s Restructuring and the Regeneration of the Japanese Economy -
    Practice Series
    • Jyukucho’s Life-Changing Words – My Determination to Balance Philosophy and Profit: Takao Sogo(Seiwajyuku Kagawa)
    • Establishing and Instilling the Philosophy Changes Employees and Management: Hideo Matsuzaki(Seiwajyuku Kagoshima)
    • The Inamori Philosophy and My Management: Tetsushi Shimizu(Seiwajyuku Sapporo)
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 03

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • Four Guiding Principles of Successful Management
    Practice Series
    • My American Dream Came True by Meeting with Jyukucho Inamori: Hidejiro Matsu(Los Angeles)
    • A Karaoke Business with an Aim to Expand Nation Wide: Toshihiko “Mike” Kida (New York)
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 02

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • Twelve Management Principles
    Practice Series
    • My Implementation of the Philosophy: Andy Matsui (Silicon Valley)
    • Let Me Review My Business Management: Nem Bajra (Los Angeles)
    Focus Series
    • About Seiwajyuku
    • Seiwajyuku News from USA
  • Seiwajyuku Journal Vol. 01

    Lecture by Kazuo Inamori
    • Why Do We Need Philosophy in Management?
    Practice Series
    • Looking back to Kyocera’s Early Days: Rodney Lanthorne
    Focus Series
    • About Seiwajyuku
    • Introduction of Seiwajyuku U.S.A.