Brief History


Since founding Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd., in 1959 at the age of 27, Jyukucho Inamori has held fast to the belief that corporations reflect the state of mind of their leaders. Time has only reinforced his belief in the importance of a leader’s character, values and philosophy.

In 1983, Dr. Inamori was approached by a group of 25 young business owners in Kyoto who wanted to study his philosophy on life and management. Jyukucho Inamori thought it might be the right time to return the support he had received as a young man from those who taught him how to manage his company and helped him grow his business. It was this motivation that inspired Jyukucho Inamori to begin teaching on a voluntary basis.

When the original study group grew to 50 pupils, it was named “Seiyujyuku” (“Seiyu” referred to Inamori’s friends and “jyuku” to a private school) and began functioning as a formal organization. The organization was renamed “Seiwajyuku” (“Seiwa” is an abbreviated reading of the Japanese characters for Kazuo Inamori).

Business owners from Osaka who traveled to Kyoto to learn from Jyukucho Inamori urged them to establish a branch in Osaka. The establishment of Seiwajyuku Osaka soon spawned additional branches across Japan, including Kobe, Shiga, Kagoshima and Tokyo, and led to the establishment of the official Secretariat of Seiwajyuku within Kyocera in 1988.


As its membership and number of branches continued to grow, the board of Seiwajyuku held earnest discussions on recruiting more business owners and managers all over Japan who would study the Inamori Philosophy to grow their business and increase their employees’ satisfaction. They concluded that Seiwajyuku should go national.

This important development prompted Jyukucho Inamori to summarize his most fervent intentions and hopes for Seiwajyuku I a document entitled,“Prospectus for the Nationwide Institutionalization of Seiwajyuku.”

In recent years, Seiwajyuku chapters are found in 90 locations, 34 of which are outside Japan.(such as Brazil, the United States, China, Taiwan, Korea). As president of Seiwajyuku, Dr. Inamori teaches his management philosophy to more than 10,500 business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide (as of October 2016).